Hey guys as I am trying hard to get my API feed enabled from Amazon I have a few people who are looking to buy specific items from Amazon to help me get this feed live. You may notice these items in the store. They are still reliable items and if you are in need […]

All prices are updated. I will now be able to start adding the rest of the missing Amiibos and update prices more regularly. Hopefully soon I will have the API installed for Amazon to allow automatic price updates and tracking.

Since I still do not yet have any API feeds I have decided to directly link to Amazon Prime pricing for figures that are listed in the shop. Sometimes these prices may not be 100% accurate as they can change throughout the day. I will make sure to have them updated manually at least once […]

I was looking around the internet for prices on Amiibo figures a few days ago and noticed that there have been many price guide sites linked but they all seem to be shut down. This got me thinking about comparing prices on these figures from multiple locations. So I have decided to create Amiiboprices.com , […]